There are many options available to you in the custom floor coatings and treatments industry.

Many options for how you safely treat ramps and walkways or your garage floor or any concrete in fact. We believe in the right materials and the right applications for each job. We believe it starts with an audit which you may order from us in order for us to inspect your floors state and see exactly what is required and what will serve you best long-term and at a price you may afford. We believe in workmanship and our promise to our customers to serve them. Traffic areas or aesthetics, floors can be fixed or customized in reasonable ways and customized to your liking easily.

Cost effective and creative concrete , walkway and decking treatment to please your budget and your eye.

Safety is our priority in the whole scope of your concrete or decking treatment, while we expedite installation processes and will meet your project timeline requirements, we are careful to meet your every desire in detail. We use the highest standard products overreaching as we can to provide you very low VOC emitting epoxy products and products that more than meet the LEED requirements. We use the latest equipment and operate fully under licence and are fully bonded on the job site. Unique products and experience for your unique project.


Start you project today with a free audit and a free quote.

We can meet any expectations and have the procedural knowledge to handle the most complex concrete restoration or new building flooring design metrics.

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