Ammonite Coatings, servicing Calgary and area in Alberta, specializes in polished concrete flooring and professional installation of polymer floor coating systems on existing floor surfaces. We use branded polymer resins for chemical and UV resistance, waterproofing, hygienic, decorative and low maintenance floor coating applications suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We are willing to work with our clients to find the best possible flooring solutions for any environment in order to match customer requirements and find a cost effective solution for your project.

Our coatings provide a surface to your floor that is durable, flexible – (wood floors), seamless, dust proof, easy to clean, low maintenance, hygienic, anti bacterial and resistant to harsh chemicals such alkalis and acid.

Residential Applications

  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Epoxy/Polyaspartick: Garages: flakes finished floor
  • Decorative coatings, concrete stain, metallic epoxy finished floors: basements, utility rooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Flexible polymer coatings for outside applications: decks, sun rooms (wood/plywood), patios, barns/kennels, balconies, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Polished concrete in retail stores and warehouses.

Durable, chemical resistant and low maintenance floor coating applications in Retail, Commercial, Warehouse, Automotive, Healthcare Facilities, Food Service, Grocery, and Manufacturing.

Self-Leveling Polymer Cements

Fiber-reinforced Self-leveling, Underlayments and Performance toppings, with strength, durability and an even surface to the floor to provide a superior surface for the application of floor coverings. The new polymer technology seek their own level in minutes and set quickly, adding extra support and high compressive strength to residential and commercial installations.
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Spray Coatings

We are pleased to offer Spray Coatings and Smart Coating Solutions from Ekoseal and Armorthane.

Ekoseal products are ECO friendly coatings that are 100% VOC free, odourless and water based.

Armorthane products are superior quality polyurethane and polyurea protective industrial and concrete coatings which are suitable for secondary containment, garage floors, and waterproof basements. The products offer solutions for industrial, construction and agricultural applications, as well as for manufacturing and OEM facilities. Read More about “Spray Coatings”

Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing can transform drab, tired concrete floors into an unforgettable design feature that rivals the look of other floor finishing choices, such as tiles, marble, hardwood or carpet. Polished concrete floors are also extremely versatile.
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