Spray Coatings and Smart Coating Solutions

Smart Coating Solutions from Ekoseal

We are pleased to offer coatings from Ekoseal which are designed to present the passage of water and other liquids through the membrane. These applications are suitable for foundations and deck coatings and have the ability to withstand significant hydrostatic pressure, which keeps water away from the protected surface.


Ekoseal offers coatings for foundations and decks that are designed to present the passage of water and other liquids through the membrane. With its ability to withstand significant hydrostatic pressure, the product keeps water away from the protected surface.

Like all Ekoseal products, the waterproofing application is made from top quality material with proven durability. The coatings are water-based and contain no VOCs, which means you can give your deck and foundations superior protection at no cost to the environment.


Waterproofing Products

  • PatchSeal: applied by trowel or caulking tube, this product is designed to fill cracks and awkward spaces.
  • SpraySeal: a spray application that can cover a large area in a short amount of time.
  • BrushSeal: a highly elastomeric coating that is applied with a brush or roler.
  • RadonShield: a radon-proof spray application that seals walls and floors in basements.
  • AcriSeal: a protective, water-resistant top coat that comes in a variety of colours.

Roof Coatings

Naturaseal offers a variety of roof coating products that are applied to existing roof substrate material. Unlike traditionally used paint, which can crack as a result of normal movement, roof coatings are flexible over a range of conditions. They can compensate for the stresses caused by temperature, settling of the foundation, the weight of snow and ice, and seasonal expansion and contraction. The coatings can be applied in single or multiple layers, depending on the desired performance and service factors.

Roof Coating Products

  • SpraySeal: an elastomer modified bitumen emulsion that produces an instantly setting, waterproof membrane.
  • BrushSeal: ideal for corrosion protection and waterproofing of flat or low-slope roofs. Applied via brush-and-roll applications, this product effectively repairs aging roofing material. Its ability to adapt to surface movement and thermal changes makes it an ideal choice for ducts and plenums.
  • PatchSeal: applied by trowel and caulking tube, this product is ideal for waterproofing and filling cracks.
  • WhiteSeal: a highly flexible elastomeric coating that provides waterproof and corrosion protection with high UV/weather resistance.

Air Barrier

Naturaseal patented liquid-applied air barrier products add additional benefits such as waterproofing, sound dampening, and ease of application. With Naturaseal’s liquid applied systems, there is a continuous, seamless airtight barrier with no mechanical fasteners allowing the prevention of air leakage and moisture intrusion. The flexible properties of their air barrier products stretch and recover with the movement of the substrates preventing a breach in the seal.

Air Barrier Products

  • AirSeal: Elastomeric Coating for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Air Barrier Applications

Corrosion Protection

Effective corrosion protection for pipelines, tanks, buildings and more. Prevent corrosion on new surfaces, and stop corrosion where it has already started.


  • No primer is needed. To prepare your surface, simply remove loose material and power wash it. New metal can be washed with vinegar or environmentally friendly degreaser.
  • The coating cures within one or two days, depending on thickness, temperature, humidity and air movement.
  • Coating is cold-applied.
  • Products are aesthetically pleasing.
  • There are no solvents or VOCs: products are completely safe for the environment.
  • The product can be safely applied without the need for protective gear.

Corrosion Protection Products

  • BrushSeal: protects metal surfaces from corrosive soil environments, salts and moisture
  • SpraySeal: seamlessly covers large surface areas with an easy spray application
  • MineSeal: effectively protects metal surfaces from corrosive chemicals
  • PatchSeal: fills cracks and awkward spaces

Anti-Graffiti Protection

Like all NaturalSeal products, their anti-graffiti protection has superior elastic properties, meaning that it will not crack as the surface it is applied to goes through normal shifting and expansion. ChemSeal is appealing as well as functional: it is available in a variety of different colours. With a coating of this product, any graffiti that is applied can easily be wiped off without any damage to the underlying finish. This will reduce the often high costs associated with ridding buildings and structures of unsightly graffiti.

Anti-graffiti Products

  • ChemSeal: brush-on or spray-on application that protects the surface from graffiti, chemicals, paints and oils. It can be used anywhere from the walls of private homes to industrial pipes and structures.


Naturaseal’s WoodSeal product protects wood by creating a barrier between it and fire. It reduces the production of smoke, thereby maximizing the full advantages of wood. This application also carries the benefit of deterring future potential influx of wood boring insects and rodents, as well as some types of bacteria. It also has fungus-inhibiting properties, and can safely be used near plants and pets. WoodSeal is non-toxic and does not produce odours. It is VOC-free and environmentally friendly, and it is easy to apply without the need for lengthy preparation or protective clothing.

Fireproofing Products

  • WoodSeal:  a coating for wood that protects it from fire, smoke and insects. It involves minimal preparation, and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray system.


Naturaseal mining products are engineered to be environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use, and highly effective in the most demanding of conditions. Unlike most applications that are designed for similar purposes, which contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment, our MineSeal product is non-toxic, VOC free, odourless and water-based. It is applied with a specially designed spray applicator, without the need for any protective clothing or gear. An application provides effective protection to equipment, machinery, structural steel and more.

Mining Products

  • MineSeal: a quick-setting membranous coating that has superior strength, elasticity, corrosion control, abrasion resistance and adhesion properties.

Dust Control

Naturaseal offers a pitch/polymer emulsion that effectively binds native road and shoulder surfaces to create a waterproof non-leaching barrier. The pitch/polymer emulsion seals granular shoulders, preventing erosion and potholes, and it stabilizes the shoulder and the road to create a barrier that is wind-resistant and waterproof. The coarse aggregates and fines are bound together, eliminating erosion and preventing the infiltration of water. This leads to a reduction in maintenance costs such as grading crews, equipment and asphalt repairs.

Dust & Soil Products

  • Pitch/polymer emulsion: a patented formulation that coats the particle surface, fills air voids and binds the particle matrix. It also binds dust and aggregates to form an effective water barrier.

Polyurea and Polyurethane Spray-On Protective Coatings from ArmorThane

ArmorThaneArmorthane products are superior quality polyurethane and polyurea protective industrial and concrete coatings which are suitable for secondary containment, garage floors, and waterproof basements. The products offer solutions for industrial, construction and agricultural applications, as well as for manufacturing and OEM facilities.