About Us

“Specializing in Concrete Floor Resurfacing, Restoration and Coating Services”

Based in Calgary, AB, Ammonite Coatings specializes in concrete floor resurfacing, restoration and coating services. We offer professional concrete services for both private and commercial establishments. With Nick Bonoff’s experience and the company’s hardworking staff, our company is sure to give your home or business the renovation it needs. Whether it’s to repair or restore concrete, we can help.

Bottom of Floor Grinder

Diamond grinding is also used for prep of the floor when Polymer resin-coatings is required. The purpose of this surface preparation is to open the concrete pores (no matter whether it is a new or old floor), which allows resins to penetrate in and make a proper bonding.

The quality of a concrete floor is not always a desired one to be polished, especially with old surfaces, so that is a major benefit of Polymer resin-coatings.

“Our Formula for success is our knowledge.”

During the last few years we have improved quality by selecting the best products and testing the flexibility and durability in order to achieve the most long lasting results. We also manifest this care through our projects management, strong personnel supervision, attention to details, good judgement, and discipline.