Flexible/Decorative Coatings & Resilient Flooring

Flexible/Decorative Coatings & Resilient Flooring

Flexible/Decorative Coatings & Resilient Flooring

Decorative and Flexible Coatings

FS-2015 LogoFlexstone is the world’s most durable waterproof Deck & Roof coating. Now with full CCMC approvals, home and business owners have the opportunity to have a luxurious and ridiculously long lasting membrane applied on their sun decks, walkways and flat roofs!

Sun Deck Coating

Flexstone is a polyurethane membrane and without a doubt it is the most durable sundeck coating on the market today. FlexStone Sun DeckFlexstone was originally formulated for use on ski-resort decks as a membrane that could hold up to brutal weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. The coatings’ unprecedented success led to an expansion to other industrial markets like vehicle parkades, industrial flooring, and ship decks.

Because Flexstone was able to handle vehicle traffic, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and heavy foot traffic – we decided to cater to the sundeck coatings market. On a typical residential sundeck, Flexstone will last indefinitely. We know this because it passed the difficult trials associated with its former applications (the ship decks, ski resorts, and parkades mentioned before).

Green Roofing

Flexstone Coatings were recently fully approved for use on flat roofs all across Canada. This opens an exciting new market for these outstanding membranes to be utilized for flat green roofing applications.

See approvals HERE: www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/solutions/advisory/ccmc/evaluations.html
Just search for Flexstone under the “Product” tab.

roofdeck3Flexstone is comprised of:

  • A thick water-catalyzed urethane base
  • An aromatic urethane top-coat
  • A blend of fire resistant acrylic chips
  • A one-part clear urethane finish coat

For more information, see the Product section at www.flexstones.ca/flexstone-coatings-products.

The system is UV stable, flexible, 100% seamless, waterproof, and resistant to below freezing temperatures (originally invented for ski-resorts). It’s durability is unmatched and the cost is competitive (even lower), than other approved systems like torch-on.

Flexstone green roofing system boasts a series of valuable properties that make choosing our product an easy decision for any flat green roofing project.


Flexstone Swatch-blank

  • Fully CCMC approved for roofing applications (Canada wide)
  • 100% waterproof and seamless
  • UV stable. It will not crack or fade over time
  • Winterproof. Flexstone was initially designed for ski-resorts, so harsh winter conditions are not an issue.
  • Retained flexibility for decades
  • Reflective finish coats help save on energy costs
  • Applicable over torch-on membranes (conditional) which saves money & protects our landfills from more roofing waste.
  • Any flat roof instantly becomes a roof-deck (just add railings)
  • tunning luxurious finishes
  • Pavers, tiles, or deck boards can be installed on top of the membrane
  • Flame free (cold applied = no risk of fires like torch-on). This saves on insurance costs associated with flame-applied membranes.
  • Interchange finish types and colours for a fraction of the initial cost.
  • Low cost. Less than torch-on, better looking, and longer lasting.


FlexRocFlexRoc is a thick, seamless, slip-resistant cushioned rubber overlay composed of a urethane binder and granulated EPDM rubber. The product adheres to almost any substrate and the applications are endless.

FlexRoc Cushioned Rubber is an ideal solution for things like pool surrounds, playgrounds, sundecks, walkways, running tracks, tennis courts, and more. The product is a combination of the highest grade of coloured granulated EPDM rubber and an incredibly durable and UV stable clear urethane binder.

The rubber and binder is mixed in a portable electric mortar mixer and is troweled over your surface. Flexroc is then compressed using a flat trowel lubricated with soapy water to create a perfectly flat, seamless, and cushioned surface.

FlexRoc granulesFlexRoc offers endless colour blends that can suit any design scheme. Bags of rubber are packaged in uniform colours, which makes it incredibly versatile, as every blend is a custom colour and can be mixed on-site. We currently stock the following neutral colours: Light Grey, Beige, Brown, Pearl, and Black; however, there are over 15 other exciting colours available for special orders. So regardless of your application, we can accommodate your design needs efficiently and affordably.

For full details regarding Flexstone products, please visit our supplier’s website: www.flexstones.ca

Decorative Epoxy Concrete Coatings

chips-unlimited-logoFor more colour blends of the vinyl flakes/chips, please visit our supplier’s website at: www.chipsunlimited.com

Vinyl Composition Tiles

What is VCT?

Vinyl composition tiles are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are popularly used in high-traffic areas, particularly in commercial and institutional facilities. Although it’s been on the market since 1926, this flooring material has recently surged in popularity in residential homes. Homeowners appreciate VCT flooring for the very qualities that have made it extremely popular in commercial structures for so long, including its:

  • Affordability
  • Resistance to water, stains, scuffs, and scratches
  • Soft, sound-dampening surface
  • Attractiveness
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Ability to customize

The manufacturing process for these long-lasting tiles is flexible so that producing a wide variety of colors and patterns is much easier than with other types of flooring. Vinyl composition tiles can be made with an extra layer of polyurethane and designed to resemble the texture and feel of wood, stone, and clay floors. In fact, advancements in printing technology make telling vinyl tiles apart from actual wood floors increasingly more difficult. You can get the look of high-end flooring materials for much less.

Lifespan and Maintenance

The lifespan of vinyl tiles depends on the thickness. Thicker tiles can last up to 25 years, while thinner vinyl composite tile floors for the more budget-minded generally last from five to 10 years with normal wear.

For maintenance, soap and water is enough to clean up most messes. Sweeping and vacuuming is easy because the tiles are flat with no cracks or recesses.


While floors made from VCT can be installed over an existing floor, homeowners should not attempt doing this project. A professional should install this type of flooring because of the precision required. Our installation team at Ammonite Coatings is skilled in preparing surfaces, applying a flattening mass, and cutting and adjusting the shape of the tiles.

Anti-Slip Treatments

Floor Safety Solutions

Floor Safety Treatments

Trips, Slips and Falls

According to health and safety authorities, every year many people are injured by slipping, tripping or falling, especially on untreated surfaces. Statistics show that slips, trips and falls are the second highest cause of reported accidents. Yet many premises visited by safety inspectors have not carried out a slip, trip and fall risk assessment.

Safe-Stride Non-Slip

A long lasting chemical treatment, Safe-Stride Non-Slip creates an invisible tread design into the floor surface itself, which improves the co-efficient of friction dramatically. As the anti-slip treatment is not a coating it does not alter the aesthetic appearance of the floor in any way.

As an original award winning process, Safe-Stride Non-Slip is ideally suited for treating tiles, marble, granite, porcelain, terrazzo, concrete and other hard mineral surfaces which are slippery when wet. The process can also be used to treat hard mineral bath and shower trays, such as are found in hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities where safety is paramount.

Food Service and Leisure Industry Applications

According to the National Safety Council, in the food service and leisure industries, falls in kitchen and service areas are the number one safety problem. Residues of grease and dirt compounded with inferior cleaning products found in many commercial kitchens can result in slippy and dangerous floors and workplace accidents. Safe Stride Non-Slip helps prevent slippery floors in the restaurant food service industry

The Solution to
"Slippery When Wet"

Slip Meter

When it comes to floor testing to monitor floor safety for slip and fall prevention, one needs a proven Slip Meter to determine if a floor or walkway is safe. Ammonite Coatings uses the Slip Meter ASM 825A, a durable, reliable, repeatable and fully supported meter. Slip and fall prevention is the ultimate goal and with floor testing, along with floor safety programs, the result equals safer floors.

More Concrete Services

Concrete and Flooring Removal

  • Adhesive removal
  • Coating removal
  • Flooring removal
  • Tile removal

Concrete Densification and Sealing

  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete hardening
  • Concrete densification
  • Water-proofing services

Concrete Profiling

  • Diamond grinding
  • Scarifying
  • Shot-blasting
  • Sand-blasting