NHL Hockey Night In Canada Sports Floor Or Garage

NHL Hockey Night In Canada Sports Floor Or Garage

The Oilers Floor Us

Cementing their place to clinch 1st playoff berth since they won in 2006. Lets Go Oilers!

It is a special feeling to win draped in the colours of your favorite. Orange, blue and white for the Edmonton Oilers, or the colours you would choose for your games room, basement floor, driveway or garage.

Enjoy the games and the finals in the finish you want.




Why not? The Oilers deserve the spot, they won the first game! What do you think?

Who do you choose to win the cup! Which team do you support? What colour floor will you have?

We wish all the fans of all sport, play well and stand proud and sure, we love the games. If you would like to inquire as to the style, design and implementation of your favored space, we would be pleased to help. If you would like to refresh tired old spaces in your walkways, driveways, decks or yards let us know and we will help you!


Enjoy the games.


Decorative Industrial Flexible Floor Coatings Calgary

Decorative Industrial Flexible Floor Coatings Calgary

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Ammonite Coatings is a certified applicator of top grade systems including Flexstone. We engineer the right solution for you no matter the traffic or the wear and always meet your specific requirements. We believe in using the right application to meet your budget with the delivery of intelligent complete solutions for your light, medium or high traffic areas. Waterproof and abrasion resistant topical coatings are our specialty. High utility areas, static-proofing, insulating and highly decorative styled installations such as corporate or themed presentations are our strength.

All Flooring Inquiries Welcomed.

We offer many solutions and folks are often surprised at how many ways you may resurface or refinish concrete. If you have a problem area, cracks or a showroom you want to add sparkle to, we can help, or for decking and outside or inside transitions in walkways, ergonomic, no slip or waterproof ingress and egress. We have the solutions, offer a free inspection and a free quote that you may rely on!


We can serve you today and offer many exclusive products which have reasonably solved other clients problem areas in the past.


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We Will Be Right With You!